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What Does Iran Even Want?

Stated Wants and Actual Wants Are Not the Same Thing...

The Islamic Republic of Iran has it written into the constitution that the whole point of the country is to trigger the end of days through a global Jihad. Back down on earth, Tehran claims that its goal is to drive the United States from the Middle East as well as a wedge between it and Arab nations.

Every decent salesman knows that there is a wide gulf between a stated objection and an actually one. We have to assume that is what’s happening here. Iran’s foreign policy – lobbing missiles at Saudi Arabia oil facilities and starting mini-civil wars everywhere else - seems laser focused on every Arab in the neighborhood to invite the US back.

Well, they are crooning back home that the Hamas war has made Iran a "statesman" again: read, people are forced, however reluctantly to listen to the country's leaders carry on. Tehran wants to feel important, boss people around and short of that, sit on the global oil tap located conveniently at the Strait of Hormuz.

It might just be, and this is grim, that the True Believers in the regime are in fact, thinking that a big US war in Israel might just trigger a second coming. One assumes that if there is an omnipotent God, he would fall for a wheeze like that. So, maybe not the end of the world, but very likely the end of the Islamic Republic.


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