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We're only half joking about that stiff drink. Established in 2019 to bring an accessible angle to foreign affairs, the 4717 has since increased its services to offer insight into markets to pull the picture out the data so that you can find what you didn’t know.

How we do it...

The 4717 doesn't go for the "thud"factor - you have plenty of charts and heavy worded research being thrown at you. We deliver accessible insights, counter-intuitive thinking in a witty style that you won't have to translate for your clients. If you find a line you like, feel free to steal it.

About Richard Murff

At the Benghazi Medical Center

Richard Murff has covered humanitarian and geopolitical issues across Latin America, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and Clarksdale, MS, to name a few places.

Before gallivanting across hell's half acre Murff spent his early career in advertising and marketing for a handful of global corporations.  After several years in the financial sector specializing in capital markets for government debt and collateralized securities, the economy blew-up.


Murff is the founding editor at the 4717. His books include Pothole of the Gods, Haint Punch, Yellowcake, One Last Hour and Memphians. He consults on geopolitics and finance and has ghostwritten memoirs, business books and regional histories. 

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