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About Richard Murff

Richard Murff is a geopolitical and markets analyst. His feet on the ground experience includes delivering humanitarian, NGO and geopolitical insights across Latin America, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya to name the more violent places. We're only half joking about that stiff drink.

Before gallivanting across hell's half acre, Murff spent his early career in advertising and marketing for a handful of corporations. After several years in the financial sector specializing in capital markets for government debt and collateralized securities, the economy blew-up. His experience and clients have spanned investment banking, international entrepreneurial programs, airlines and tech.  


Murff founded the 4717 to deliver accessible insights, counter-intuitive thinking in a witty style on markets to deliverer-sighted penetration into markets to pull a clear picture out the data. If you find a line you like, feel free to steal it.


His books include Pothole of the Gods, Drunk as LordsHaint Punch, Yellowcake, One Last Hour and Memphians. He consults on geopolitics and finance and has ghostwritten memoirs, business books and regional histories. 

Pothole of the Gods:
On Holy War, Fake News & Other  Ill-Advised Ideas

An ill-advised, but hilarious ramble through the histories and modern streets of Iraq, Istanbul and Benghazi. Attached to a marauding humanitarian medical mission, Murff unravels a dismal record of foreign policy misadventures  from Cyrus the Great, the epic clash of Persia and Greece, the glory that was Rome, the Crusades, America's New World Order, to Iran's attempts to trigger a apocalypse sometime next year.

At the Benghazi Medical Center


With experience ranging from banking, tech, advertising, NGOs and foreign affairs – and comedy ghostwriting of all things - Murff turns topical subjects into narratives, stories and insight for global affairs, sales and market positioning.

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