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The World, How It Got Here and a Stiff Drink

We're only half joking. Established in 2019 to bring an accessible angle to foreign affairs, the 4717 has since increased its coverage to press for free markets, free minds and free wit. 


The 4717 offers insight into foreign affairs, finance and business, to pull the picture out the data so that you can find what you didn’t know.


4717 Services...

To understand an issue, a market or position requires more that knowing where we are, but the roads that led us here as well as events are taking us. The spreadsheet will only get you so far where humans are involved, sometimes you have to get into the story to get where you want to go.

The 4717 works with clients to develop strategies, communication and sales narratives in a complex marketplace – offering perspective, context and insight on market trends, operations and impact.


With experience ranging from banking, tech, advertising, NGOs and foreign affairs – the partners at the 4717 can gather data through research and on-the-ground research and site assessments, and turn that raw information into actionable analysis, reports and practical narratives for advertising, sales and market positioning.


Having the information isn't enough - it must be in a form that will make an impact on the market. The 4717 can help you pull the crucial message out of the data so your customers and clients can find what they don’t know… and what you do.


Tell your story your way. From articles, op-eds, corporate reports and book length projects, we’ve written them all and done it well.

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