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Drunk as Lords:
The World in its Cups


We’ve always been soaks and boozers, convinced that a magic elixir would make us taller, charming and just a little less gross. Then we hard wired that bad idea into society.


From drunk monkeys descending from the trees, the awful wine of the ancients, booze fueled revolutions, Murff follows the history, science and lore and gets force fed vodka in Ukraine to tell the story of civilization… and distillation.  

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Pothole of the Gods:
On Holy War, Fake News & Other  Ill-Advised Ideas


An ill-advised, but hilarious ramble through the histories and modern streets of Iraq, Istanbul and Benghazi. Attached to a marauding humanitarian medical mission, Murff unravels a dismal record of foreign policy misadventures  from Cyrus the Great, the epic clash of Persia and Greece, the glory that was Rome, the Crusades, America's New World Order, to Iran's attempts to trigger a apocalypse sometime next year.

Haint Punch.png
Haint Punch
A Novel


Deke Kipling is floundering in click-bait journalism for something called Smut Butter. Once the target of the right-wing Ballyhoo boys, #damndeke has now been declared persona non grata by the radical feminist Ovarian Liberation Army. With both sides screaming for social justice, and his head, Deke may be out of a job. And a pulse.

OLH LS Cvr.jpeg
One Last Hour
A Novel


Go to Memphis and be a Bond Daddy. For a generation of Southern boys, it was a mantra, a way to make more money that their fathers ever could. For Billy Pitt, it was the answer to all his prayers. Six years and 60 million in sub-prime debt later, Billy Pitt is divorced, suffering an unrequited love for Melissa Lee, his career is in jeopardy and his soul is condemned to hell for all eternity. Billy Pitt is faced with a hard question: how to keep the party going for One Last Hour? 

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A Novel


An ex-KGB quartermaster is sitting on bunker of forgotten uranium in the Cuban mountains. The beautiful but forgettable Ugly Sue has one mission: to stop him before he can unload it.


Archie Gilmur is about to discover that a Chinese Telecomm giant isn't buying up the Panama to bring folks together.

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