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No Gold?... No Rush

The greenback isn't going anywhere

You can’t actually trust research generated by an app that scrapes the internet. Have you been on the internet? It’s a train wreck – a galaxy of train wrecks.


You need insight, not an offering of the good, the bad and the deranged from cyberspace. AI models draw on the past to deliver the same research and data to everyone, and nothing outside the perimeters of their model. In short, all you are getting is a warm feeling of consensus, and clever prompt isn’t going to change that.


At the 4717, we’d rather be uniquely right than conventionally wrong. We offer original research, analysis and writing with lateral thinking for the world beyond the spreadsheet - with insight to really tear things up.

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The4717 has got you covered with critical news and insights on the markets, geopolitics, foreign affairs, and after all that headiness, you can stop by for the odd cocktail and whiskey reviews. Now pour a tall one and dive in!

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