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How To Outwit AI

Your career depends on it

How To Outwit AI...

Understand that you can’t out think artificial intelligence, we are all just outgunned there. The 4717 is developing a series of articles and video content on how to outwit AI... and everyone using it.


This will require “bilingual” thinking to understand how AI scrapes for and presents data, as well as the lateral motivations of very human phycology. Artificial intelligence can only do one of these, you need to do both.


A generation after the internet exploded on the scene in a flood of creative destruction it has optimized systems as well as making both networks and societies very vulnerable. Have you been on the internet? It’s a train wreck – a galaxy of train wrecks. Will AI take it further? Think Rome to Greece, the American World Order to the British Empire, that will be AI to the Internet.


Be prepared... be human.

Coming Soon from the 4717...

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