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Kennedy got the missiles out of Cuba, but that was only half the job. Nearly 50 years on, an ex-KGB quartermaster is sitting on bunker of forgotten uranium in the Cuban mountains. His plan is simple: unload his aging but deadly stockpile, and go to earth.


The beautiful but forgettable Ugly Sue has one simple mission: to liquidate Mickey Boy before he can close the deal. Yavi Omari is hoping his religious zeal will soon send him into the arms of Allah and 72 dark-eyed virgins. Archie Gilmur just about to learn the hard way that a global telecommunications giant isn't buying up huge chunks of Panamanian jungle just to bring folks together.


What is for certain is that Sinotel is making more than just telephones south of America's soft underbelly; Mickey Boy-sitting comfortably on an unrefined nuclear disaster-is proving very hard to find; a terrorist cell in Paris has suddenly fallen off the radar; and a deadly endgame is approaching for what may be the last Mardi Gras.

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