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From the Editor's Desk

These are exciting times here at the 4717 – and not for the new Carolean Era; the death of Queen Elizabeth II is a significant historical event, but as a citizen of the Great Republic, it doesn’t affect me at all. I admired her from afar and I hope that the third King Charles has better luck keeping his head than the first one did.

The 4717 is responding to its readers – or two of them at any rate – who repeatedly suggested that the newsletter turn its attention to money and finance as well as foreigners dying all over Hell’s half-acre. This was followed by the sensible suggestion from another colleague who didn’t even know the 4717 existed and that I should start a such publication, as I used to be an investment banker. Still another pointed out (admittedly we’d been drinking): “Murff when I read you I feel like my IQ goes up 10% and then I start talking to you and it goes back down.” So much for a podcast…

The Hungarians have a proverb, “When three men tell you you’re drunk, go lie down.” Wise counsel. So, the 4717 is pleased to annouced that we’re doing as told and introducing the Daily Flight – a few eye-opening shots of business and news for the day that are useful, timely and mercifully short. While it is still a work in progress, head over to the Daily Flight page and sign up for the daily email - and contact the 4717 with your suggestions.

“We” are also about to roll out the 4717 App. Personally, I have no idea how all that voodoo works but I hear those things are all the rage.

And who doesn’t like being spoon-fed daily shots?

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