Haint Punch

2020 | Fiction

Deke Kipling is floundering in click-bait journalism for something called Smut Butter. Once the target of the right-wing Hard Boys, #damndeke has now been declared persona non grata by the radical feminist Ovarian Liberation Army. With both sides screaming for his head, Deke may be out of a job. And a pulse.


When he heads back home to Clarksdale, Mississippi with his colleague – political reporter Lucy Burton of theDaily Brute – the pair find themselves in a well-armed political three-way as an unstable tycoon-cum-president tries to stack his party with loyalists. Is Aubrey Laudermilk, the “Old Bear of Mississippi Politics,” is making a grab for the White House? Or is he a latter-day Guy Fawkes, planning to blow the whole thing? 


Haint Punch is a stiff cocktail of lecherous politicos, violent peaceniks, alt-right dateless wonders, unwashed nymphomaniacs, bourbon-soaked aristocrats, and a gas-bag media all stirred with the very large penis of a hooved mammal.

Haint Punch.png