Haint Punch

Deke Kipling is floundering in click-bait journalism for something called Smut Butter. Once the target of the right-wing Hard Boys, #damndeke has now been declared persona non grata by the radical feminist Ovarian Liberation Army. 


Heading to the Mississippi Delta with Lucy Burton of the Daily Brute, the pair find themselves in a well-armed political three-way as an unstable tycoon-cum-president tries to stack his party with loyalists.


Is the “Old Bear" of Mississippi politics making a grab for the White House? Or is he planning to blow the whole thing? 


Haint Punch is a stiff cocktail of lecherous politicos, violent peaceniks, alt-right dateless wonders, unwashed nymphomaniacs, bourbon-soaked aristocrats, and a gas-bag media all stirred with the very large penis of a hooved mammal.

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