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About Murff

Journalist, Ghostwriter, Humorist. Have covered issues across Hell's Half Acre. Good Egg.

Richard Murff has covered humanitarian issues across Latin America, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and Clarksdale, MS, to name a few places.

It's not all gallivanting across hell's half acre trying to impress Mrs. M. Murff spent his early career in advertising and marketing for a handful of global corporations. His less impressive jobs included writing sermons for a preacher who is very likely certifiably insane. After several years in the financial sector specializing in capital markets for government debt and collateralized securities, the economy blew-up.


Murff is Creative Director at Burnaby and founding editor at the 4717. His books include Pothole of the Gods, Haint Punch, Yellowcake, One Last Hour and Memphians. He consults on geopolitics and finance and has ghostwritten memoirs, business books and regional histories. His work has appeared in The Bitter Southerner,  Delta, Front Street, The American SpectatorSail  and others. 

He lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife and daughter. The Mint Julep cookie was created in his honor.

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